We have experience in machining stainless steels, titaniums, alloys, plastics, (including virgin teflon® and delrin®) and other challenging materials. Our innovation and patience is tested time and time again. Even our favorite materials, brass and standard steels receive full attention with material tracking and certificate documentation for maximum raw material traceability.


Brass is ideally suited for high speed machining operations with its superior machinability, thread rolling and knurling characteristics. It is easily soldered or brazed and has good resistance to corrosion. Typical applications include gears, pinions, fittings, adapters, valves, valve stems and high speed screw machine products.


Plastics are inert and can withstand harsh chemicals, acids, alkalines, and solvents. Because of their high abrasion resistance, plastics can be used for bearings, impellers and valve parts. Plastic materials are ideal for use in electrical and electronic applications. Plastics can withstand high voltages and high temperatures without degradation. As new industries develop, new uses for plastics and composite materials are continually coming to light.


Steel is used to maximum advantage for parts where considerable machining is required, such as bushings, inserts, couplings, and hydraulic hose fittings. With good ductility, certain grades are suitable for parts involving bending, crimping, or riveting.


Aluminum is used where corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties are primary requirements. These grades are widely accepted in such industries as dairy, beverage, and other food products where the highest degree of sanitation and cleanliness is of prime importance. Because of its lack of magnetism it is highly desirable for instruments.


Alloy is a through-hardening material and offers great versatility. It is typically used for shafting, axles, gears, sprockets, piston rods, reamer bodies, well-head components, tool joints, fasteners, and hand tools.


Titanium has a low density and is a strong, lustrous, corrosion-resistant transition metal which is sometimes referred to as the "space age" metal.